Sunday, March 31, 2013

What TV Ads teaches you?

Commercials these days are facing cut throat competition and to win the race, commercials sometimes end up showing non-sense. Here what people think what ads teach them.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou If you use Axe, you get women. (Which of course is pure nonsense. Parasurama used it all his life and was a bachelor.)

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou HP Printers will get your kids better grades.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou People who lick Dairymilk like *that* in public are not treated like well-dressed beggars.

Cleavage is the only thing that you can look down on and approve of at the same time.... ^_^ #WhatTVAdsTeachYou

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou That there is an invincible germ which can't be killed by any handwash.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou happydent is used for lightining

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Hema, Rekha, Jaya and Sushma don't mind getting dirty if you're in need.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Samsung has more galaxies than the Universe

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou How to clean your toilet seat with Harpic, specially when you are enjoying your food.

Kareena has dandruff problem, Katrina has dry hair problem, Shilpa has hairfall problem and Priyanka has chip-chip. #WhatTVAdsTeachYou

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Priyanka Chopra has more dark-spots than a Dalmatian Dog

When u having mango juice, u can use your imagination & go where you want to go! And the last "drop" is the main one! #WhatTVAdsTeachYou

#whattvadsteachyou you must never buy a toothpaste whose cover says Sadharan Toothpaste in black and white

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Katrina has showed us that an 'aam' can get laid more easily than an 'aam aadmi'.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou All doctors roam around wearing lab coats.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Whisper Wings are getting wider & wider until one day they decide to take off from Indira Gandhi Intl airport.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Even If you buy a Nokia Lumia with a 1billion Mega pixel Camera ... u will still look as silly as the Guys in its Ads

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Saif Ali Khan hangs out with Appy Fiz more often than Kareena Kapoor.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Condoms have more flavours than Candies.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Akshay Kumar is universal brand ambassador of woman safety. He will alert them about their 'button khula hai'.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou, You will not be asked about your ID proof while Voting if you wear Rupa frontline.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou you can get orgasm by just seeing Condom Pack

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Reply option on a comment in Facebook

The most used social networking site Facebook is always experimenting with new features. They have come up with some really exciting features in the past and here is a new one to the list - reply option on the comments. 

This will help navigating through a thread much more easily. Earlier people used to tag the person to reply on a comment in a status update by a page. Given the fact that there pages having thousands of fans and after a status update by a page there is always multiple threads that starts in the comments which becomes difficult to follow.

This feature will facilitate the discussions between the subgroups of fans, formed for a status update. The conversation will no longer look like a vertical thread of a single theme, it will look more like a branched one.

What your say on this?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sir Ravindra Jadeja Facts

Ravindra Jadeja wears his shades on head to send the message to the aliens that he's constantly monitoring their movement. #JadejaFacts

When Mark Zukerberg created Facebook he already had a friend request waiting from Ravindra Jadeja #JadejaFacts

Neil Armstrong was hesitant about stepping on moon, Ravindra Jadeja pushed him from behind. #JadejaFacts

Necessity is the mother of Invention . Jadeja is Father . #JadejaFacts

Ravindra Jadeja decides which side the ball will spin after releasing it #JadejaFacts

#SirJadeja adjusts the sight screen at the opposite end even while he's bowling. To improve his concentration. #JadejaFacts

The Fastest Ball in Cricket is 101 miles per Hour only because Sir Jadeja balls with Left Hand :P

Once Sir Ravindra used second hand Maruti for F1 race and still won it. #JadejaFacts

Sir Ravindra Jadeja can make international calls with zero balance #JadejaFacts

Sir Ravindra Jadeja was found playing with Balls as soon as he was born #JadejaFacts

Sir Ravindra can hit his own wrong one for a six, then catch it, then appeal, then give out and then walk out. #JadejaFacts

The Earth is nothing but the spin ball of Lord Jadeja. #JadejaFacts

Sir Jadeja rejected Tamanna's friend request on fb #JadejaFacts

Ravindra Jadeja can wear his shoes first and socks later. #JadejaFacts

Sir Ravindara Jadeja can book tickets on IRCTC #JadejaFacts

Saturday, March 23, 2013

What would be the headlines in 2020?

Anil Kapoor's chest has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO #Headlines2020

Rahul Gandhi is still d 'youth' icon of India! #Headlines2020

Titanic 6D released. Viewers are provided life jackets with 3D glasses. They have the option of saving passengers of Titanic.

Rohit Sharma is India's most promising cricketer. Needs to be given more chances. #Headlines2020

Smartphones go to work, come back home, plug you into a socket and charge you. #Headlines2020

Daya says the 10,000th door he'd break open in the 2,56,967th episode of C.I.D. this week would be his last. #Headlines2020

Apple launches iDildo....Like its other products, it's just an iPhone with a round cylindrical shape #Headlines2020

Salman planning to marry next month, after his release Dabangg - 40 ;) #Headlines2020
Sachin and Arjun Tendulkar's crucial partnership keeps India alive in the match. #Headlines2020

#Headlines2020 Kundali matching includes matching the quality of your tweets & status updates....ur number of followers & online friends! :P

#Headlines2020 Justin Bieber starts a new magazine called 'Women's power'

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

If there were no woman

Carmine, French Rose, Magenta, Fuchisa, Rose, Ruby, salmon, baby and all other shades of pink would have been just pink#IfThereWereNoWomen

#IfThereWereNoWomen in the world it would be a huge pain in the a** .

Men would grow on trees. #IfThereWereNoWomen

#IfThereWereNoWomen there would be no rapes 

#IfThereWereNoWomen men would have to manage everything 'singlehandedly'

#IfThereWereNoWomen diamond would be just another stone.

Karan Johar will be the president of the country and Gayism will be the only religion! #IfThereWereNoWomen

#IfThereWereNoWomen, we'd never know whether Ram Kapoor was pregnant or just fat.

#IfThereWereNoWomen, one of the two hands of every male would have been much thicker and 'exercised', even at the age of 60!

#IfThereWereNoWomen Goats would go crazy for the dudes in Axe adverts

#IfThereWereNoWomen All colleges would have looked and felt like Engineering colleges

#IfThereWereNoWomen Happy and Gay will find it's true meaning.

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