Monday, September 7, 2015

How can WE make India a better place to live in?

Well, we Indians are unique in our ways.. We have some great qualities but at the same time we do have "not so good" qualities as well. We keep complaining about India at various levels - from devastated roads to bad politics, BUT we are somewhere or other a part of what WE make India.

Let's not talk about - "what government should do", let's for a change talk about what we, common people can do to make India a better place.

1) Stop peeing in public places - It's very common for us to find a secure place - may be around some tree or a wall, at garbage, behind trucks for peeing. We feel very much comfortable about it. BUT have you ever seen women in India peeing in common public places - I believe rarely. So if they can go around places to places without peeing in public so can men do. And also after peeing at some public washroom, please do flush it or pour some water.

2) Queues - A straight line or a herd? - We Indians are famous for our queues, which are generally not measured by the length of the queue but the area it covers. Breaking a line and gathering at the window will only add to your time. Stand in queue - a straight line and be a gentleman.

3) Traffic lights - A signal to follow or amusement? - We have our own set of rules. We see if a policemen is standing or not and then device our own strategy to follow the traffic light. Traffic lights are for our own safety. You won't do wonders if you save 30 secs of your life. Follow traffic light and be a good citizen.

4) Spitting - This habit of Indians is very irritating. We chew tobacco/pan and then spit of roads/wall and every possible place we can. It's horrible and disturbing for others to see the stain. Spit at appropriate places, there are spitting bins kept at places or spit in wash basins and then run some water over it. 

5) Littering on roads - The world is dustbin for us. We want to keep our houses and cars clean, every place else could be used as dustbin. We throw garbage, empty bottles, pan masala wrappers anywhere on the road. A small act of throwing these things in dustbin can do wonders.

6) Respect girls and women - Don't use curse words in public, if you can't stop yourself from doing it atleast do not use curse words infront of women and girls. It really makes them in a an uncomfortable position. Much have been said about eve teasing. It's high time friends when we not only have to stop this but also stand against it. You may never know if this could someday happen with your mother, sister or daughter. Set an example to others. Educate society by your actions.

We do not need great acts, just small acts cam make our surrounding a much better place.

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