Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Poverty is the state of mind. Really??

After Rahul Gandhi's statement that poverty is the state of mind, people were left wondering if it is really so!
Tweepels had their own opinion about this state of Rahul's mind.. Let's read some top tweets...

#YoRahulSoDumb that he wanted to help the farmers so he signed up for FarmVille on Facebook to know their problems.

Dear Rahul Gandhi, poverty is not a state of mind, your chutiyapa certainly is. #YoRahulSoDumb

#YoRahulSoDumb He took 17 friends along to watch a movie because the poster said 'Above 18 only'

#YoRahulSoDumb When I told him elections are round the corner, he went outside the boundary of 10 janpath to look.

#YoRahulSoDumb whenever he see Sharad Pawar he thinks Sharad pawar is hiding a LADOO in his mouth

"Mummy Mummy lets make MIND as 30th state of India" - #YoRahulSoDumb

#YoRahulSoDumb Rahul's birthday will be declared buddhu-purnima,in honor of retards worldwide. Rapists will be released 2 mark.

Actually he was right... If you take all the poor people, it will become the biggest state in India...#yorahulsodumb

Monday, August 5, 2013

How to help my child with Maths?

Active support of parents in their children learning is more than important. To prepare your children to face increasing competition and tap the opportunities that come their way, strong mathematical skill plays an important role.

But when it comes to Maths, children feel like a nightmare and lose their confidence. To an extent parents are also responsible for this attitude of their children. They are fed with the words "Maths is hard" or "Even I was not good in Maths" or "I am not surprised, if you are not getting good marks in Maths". Stop this and instead help your children by motivating them with - 'They can do' attitude.

Some points that will help you and your child face Maths:

1) Focus on Approach

Most of the problems in Maths can be solved in more than one ways. Finding the correct answer is not the only thing in Maths. Make sure your child is more focused on approach he takes to find the answer. if the approach to tackle the problem is right, they will get to the correct answer eventually.

2) Analyze the wrong answers

If your child make a mistake in solving the answer, don't scold right away. Help them understand, where did they went wrong. This will increase their reasoning skills and also help them solve other mistakes by their own. Ask they to explain why they did this approach and understand their mindset to help them better.

3) Don't tell the answer at once

Help your child to explore different ways. Give them time and confidence to solve the problem on their own. Ask them to do it in a different way, give them some hints for the other method. This will help increase their thinking abilities.

4) Push them do mental maths

Maths is generally subjected to a pen and paper. Even we focus to solve either on calculator or use a pencil and paper to do the calculations. Ask your child to solve simple calculations in their mind. this will increase their thinking power.

5) Say no to cramming 

Strictly say NO to cramming difficult problems just for the sake of getting good numbers in exams. Achieving good numbers in exams is not the ultimate goal. Cramming in maths should only be restricted to formulas and not calculations. Help them understand the concepts and apply them in solving the questions.

6) Mathematics in the home

Your home is the great place to begin and explore Mathematics. Make sure your child devotes some time in a day with Maths. If you don't have and facing challenge to teach Maths to your child, you have great tutoring websites that teaches your students online. They fix classes and its one to one interactive sessions with your child. One of the great Online tutoring website is: - The Big Tutor.

Help your child do wonders in Maths!

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