Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Gauri Bhonsle Missing: Fake or Real?


Gauri Bhosle, Age - 21 yrs, Hair - Black, Weight - 52 kgs,  Eyes - Brown, Height - 5'6" and complexion - Fair. She is missing from Southampton, London and is likely to be in India.

Gauri Bholse missing, you must be seeing this on the Star Network channels these days. Many people think that this is a publicity stunt and might be that, this is a teaser of a new TV show but many people really think that Gauri Bhosle is a real person and she is missing. Might be, might not be. 

They have created a page on Facebook, named as Gauri Bhosle, seeing the page, there are some points which look suspicious at first hand and leads to the conclusion that it is a TV serial or some publicity stunt.

For instance if we look at the page, it says " official page, please like the page to join me" with a heart shaped emoticon (as you can see in the screen shot below). If she is really missing, then I would not expect such kind of  emoticons made. Moreover, why will some one ask to like the page to join me, when this is a serious matter and I believe the page is not made to gather likes.

Click here for some interesting collection of tweets

The next thing which makes it look fake is the pictures posted on Facebook. If you have a closer look at the pictures, then you can see "Advt" written on the below right hand corner of the picture, which can only be seen if you look at the picture very closely. Question is why "Advt" is written on the pictures and why so small?

The number which is given to contact is a toll free number and not any personal mobile number, why some one need to inform on a toll free number rather than personally to her family members. Then it also says join  ABP News or Star Plus to search her, why we need to join the channels to search her?

But then on the other hand, a person named Rahul Bhosle, who is posting as her cousin is constantly saying that this isn't fake and she is really missing.

 Whatever it is, if this is a publicity stunt or a promotion of a TV serial then it's really cheap, if she is really missing, I pray she is fine and hope her family finds her soon. -->


  1. i am really worried about gouri.if it is real story then it is serious issue.but if it is fake then nobody believe on news channel
    - rajashree

  2. It's fake, if you see the star news videos published very closely you will find the crew is sitting with same shirts & same place though the video is suppose to be taken after at least a gap of few days of time, Gauri has been missing ... which means the video were shot in a single go for the sake of public stunt.

  3. To hate such bullshits pls like and share this new page, i donno who made it but i liked it very much.

  4. it s a fake news......only funda of publicity


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