Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Paris Saint - Denis news

Saint - Denis on lockdown after  hours long  shootout with police. Explosions and gunfires heard during early morning 4.30 am local time raids  in Sain - Denis.  "I awoke to an explosion. After that I heard gun shots and there was lots of shooting." Witness on Saint-Denis raids.Man who put terror suspects up in his Saint Denis flat named as Jawad Ben Dow (Reuters). A woman killed herself with a suicide belt is the first female Kamikaze to die in France.

Reports also says that Abdelhamid Abaaoud, mastermind of  Paris Attacks is allso killed in Saint Denis raid. The police is on a standby now near with the apartment and that could indicate that the operation may be ending. Man whose flat was raided is unaware of the terrorists residing.

Schools have been closed,  the metro in Saint-Denis is also shut. Around 15 people evacuated from block where suspects live. French journalist describes the woman that has blown herself up in Saint Denis as "tall, blond". He says that her goal was to kill officers. 3 men arrested extracted from apartment by police, men and a woman arrested near apartment

Here are some pics for the same.

You can see the live coverage here:

Friday, November 6, 2015

Cricket all stars in one bus: Spectacular

You can't deny your whole childhood lies in this one pic..
Cricket all stars. This is a bus full of legends. Though one may miss the wall of Indian cricket - Rahul Dravid, but then you see Sachin and Lara sitting together and you forget everything.

Celebrities look alike

Shikar Dhawan look alike

Ajay Devgn look alike - Desi and Chinese style ;)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Marwari would be a marwari

Mararis are know for their business skills, but this time, a marwari has gone a bit too far and idfferent to do a business, but then they can do business at any circumstances. Read and enjoy.

Sachin's and Warne's team in Cricket All Stars

Sachin's Blasters and Shane Warne's Warriors. Here is the team for the two greatest Cricketers of all time. Cricket all stars would be great, really great. What a match it would be when you will see Sachin, Shane Warne, Wasim Akram, Saurav Ganguly, Shoaib Akhtar and Murlitharan on the same field. It would be just speactular.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Brought tears to my eyes laughing..

The guy initially looked calm and even tried to pacify the girl sitting next to him. He even extended his hand in anticipation that she might hold her hand but girl didn't gave a damn about it. It was all fine till the swing started.. The guy's reaction is just out of the world, hilariously funny. The girl within the guy came out in 3...2...1.. watch yourself.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

India Pakistan border as seen from outer space

NASA released the picture of India Pakistan border as seen from outer space. It looks a like a trail of lights lit along the border or a hot lava flowing through a river line.

The picture is taken as a part of ISS lab program in which astronaut takes the pictures of earth from outer space and shares them on internet. How cool is that!

There are other bright spots which can be easily seen and on the brightest spots which lies near the border is Karachi which is also the capital of Pakistan.

Everything you want to know about Bihar elections

The question now is - Can BJP now win in Bihar?

According to a survey conducted by Zee News, BJP is going to win 147 seats out of 243 seats. The elections starting on 12th Oct is expected to do good for NDA in first phase of elections where they are expected to get a majority of 53.8% vote share!

The overall polling will be done in 5 phases starting from 12th October 2015 to 5th November.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is campaigning with his fellow Amit Shah, who changed the election picture in Uttar Pradesh as well.The counting of votes will be done on 8th of November, the big D Day.

What happening before Bihar elections?

Dadri lynching is a big incident which is being used for political gains before Bihar elections. While Lalu trying to blame it on the center and BJP who is in center trying to blame the U.P government for the incident took place in U.P.

According to Sushil Modi statement - NDA will ban cow slaughter in Bihar if it wins polls in Bihar.

Beef is new agenda and media hyped an issue to the extent that political parties are trying to woo the communities on the agenda of eating beef!

Nitin Gadhkari of BJP is trying hard to campaign and here is his agenda for his Bihar tour.

 source -

On 6th October BJP president Amit Shah and Nitin Gahkari are going to address many rallies.

Meanwhile, Akbaruddin Owaisi who is famous for his hate speeches and Muslims appeasement gave another provocative speech at Bihar rally and a FIR has been filed against him.

Lalu who is also know for his witty answers and humorous comments, came up this time with a all new idea of dubsmash in which he is seen mimicking our PM Modi.

Here is the video of Lalu's dusmash

Monday, September 7, 2015

How can WE make India a better place to live in?

Well, we Indians are unique in our ways.. We have some great qualities but at the same time we do have "not so good" qualities as well. We keep complaining about India at various levels - from devastated roads to bad politics, BUT we are somewhere or other a part of what WE make India.

Let's not talk about - "what government should do", let's for a change talk about what we, common people can do to make India a better place.

1) Stop peeing in public places - It's very common for us to find a secure place - may be around some tree or a wall, at garbage, behind trucks for peeing. We feel very much comfortable about it. BUT have you ever seen women in India peeing in common public places - I believe rarely. So if they can go around places to places without peeing in public so can men do. And also after peeing at some public washroom, please do flush it or pour some water.

2) Queues - A straight line or a herd? - We Indians are famous for our queues, which are generally not measured by the length of the queue but the area it covers. Breaking a line and gathering at the window will only add to your time. Stand in queue - a straight line and be a gentleman.

3) Traffic lights - A signal to follow or amusement? - We have our own set of rules. We see if a policemen is standing or not and then device our own strategy to follow the traffic light. Traffic lights are for our own safety. You won't do wonders if you save 30 secs of your life. Follow traffic light and be a good citizen.

4) Spitting - This habit of Indians is very irritating. We chew tobacco/pan and then spit of roads/wall and every possible place we can. It's horrible and disturbing for others to see the stain. Spit at appropriate places, there are spitting bins kept at places or spit in wash basins and then run some water over it. 

5) Littering on roads - The world is dustbin for us. We want to keep our houses and cars clean, every place else could be used as dustbin. We throw garbage, empty bottles, pan masala wrappers anywhere on the road. A small act of throwing these things in dustbin can do wonders.

6) Respect girls and women - Don't use curse words in public, if you can't stop yourself from doing it atleast do not use curse words infront of women and girls. It really makes them in a an uncomfortable position. Much have been said about eve teasing. It's high time friends when we not only have to stop this but also stand against it. You may never know if this could someday happen with your mother, sister or daughter. Set an example to others. Educate society by your actions.

We do not need great acts, just small acts cam make our surrounding a much better place.

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