Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Brought tears to my eyes laughing..

The guy initially looked calm and even tried to pacify the girl sitting next to him. He even extended his hand in anticipation that she might hold her hand but girl didn't gave a damn about it. It was all fine till the swing started.. The guy's reaction is just out of the world, hilariously funny. The girl within the guy came out in 3...2...1.. watch yourself.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

India Pakistan border as seen from outer space

NASA released the picture of India Pakistan border as seen from outer space. It looks a like a trail of lights lit along the border or a hot lava flowing through a river line.

The picture is taken as a part of ISS lab program in which astronaut takes the pictures of earth from outer space and shares them on internet. How cool is that!

There are other bright spots which can be easily seen and on the brightest spots which lies near the border is Karachi which is also the capital of Pakistan.

Everything you want to know about Bihar elections

The question now is - Can BJP now win in Bihar?

According to a survey conducted by Zee News, BJP is going to win 147 seats out of 243 seats. The elections starting on 12th Oct is expected to do good for NDA in first phase of elections where they are expected to get a majority of 53.8% vote share!

The overall polling will be done in 5 phases starting from 12th October 2015 to 5th November.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is campaigning with his fellow Amit Shah, who changed the election picture in Uttar Pradesh as well.The counting of votes will be done on 8th of November, the big D Day.

What happening before Bihar elections?

Dadri lynching is a big incident which is being used for political gains before Bihar elections. While Lalu trying to blame it on the center and BJP who is in center trying to blame the U.P government for the incident took place in U.P.

According to Sushil Modi statement - NDA will ban cow slaughter in Bihar if it wins polls in Bihar.

Beef is new agenda and media hyped an issue to the extent that political parties are trying to woo the communities on the agenda of eating beef!

Nitin Gadhkari of BJP is trying hard to campaign and here is his agenda for his Bihar tour.

 source -

On 6th October BJP president Amit Shah and Nitin Gahkari are going to address many rallies.

Meanwhile, Akbaruddin Owaisi who is famous for his hate speeches and Muslims appeasement gave another provocative speech at Bihar rally and a FIR has been filed against him.

Lalu who is also know for his witty answers and humorous comments, came up this time with a all new idea of dubsmash in which he is seen mimicking our PM Modi.

Here is the video of Lalu's dusmash

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