Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Poverty is the state of mind. Really??

After Rahul Gandhi's statement that poverty is the state of mind, people were left wondering if it is really so!
Tweepels had their own opinion about this state of Rahul's mind.. Let's read some top tweets...

#YoRahulSoDumb that he wanted to help the farmers so he signed up for FarmVille on Facebook to know their problems.

Dear Rahul Gandhi, poverty is not a state of mind, your chutiyapa certainly is. #YoRahulSoDumb

#YoRahulSoDumb He took 17 friends along to watch a movie because the poster said 'Above 18 only'

#YoRahulSoDumb When I told him elections are round the corner, he went outside the boundary of 10 janpath to look.

#YoRahulSoDumb whenever he see Sharad Pawar he thinks Sharad pawar is hiding a LADOO in his mouth

"Mummy Mummy lets make MIND as 30th state of India" - #YoRahulSoDumb

#YoRahulSoDumb Rahul's birthday will be declared buddhu-purnima,in honor of retards worldwide. Rapists will be released 2 mark.

Actually he was right... If you take all the poor people, it will become the biggest state in India...#yorahulsodumb

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