Monday, July 1, 2013

Before the internet

Have you ever thought what and how was the life before the internet. Here are some in in interesting and creative tweets talking about the things 'before the internet' on internet.

#BeforeTheInternet no one talked much about cats.

#BeforeTheInternet people used to have one designated character, now it's the game of 140 characters!

#BeforeTheInternet Engineering and MBA were tough courses.

#BeforeTheInternet when we didn't know something we would keep quiet and not pretend to be experts

#BeforeTheInternet Stupidity took more time to travel.

Once upon a time #BeforeTheInternet people used to look at each other and not into their phones when they hung out.

#BeforeTheInternet Laptop and Dektop were just sexual positions.

#BeforeTheInternet Indians were more concerned about Kargil and Ayodhya than Palestine or Greece.

#BeforeTheInternet We clicked photos for our Family collection and not for showing it to others.

#BeforeTheInternet Savita was Bhabhi

#BeforeTheInternet My Life has my rules. Okay?
Now: Mah Lyf..Maah Rulz..kkkk Lol

#BeforeTheInternet reservation by IRCTC was not considered as one of the world's toughest jobs!

#BeforeTheInternet Letters were written, posted, carried on trains & delivered by a postman after 3 days.
Truly, Those were the daak ages.

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