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Highway Movie Review

Imtiaz Ali's Highway movie is in theaters now and here is what few people have to say about it...

A smooth bumpless highway.
Imtiaz Ali's direction is top notch, a few hiccups can be overseen. It can be considered as its best work.
The story is superb and makes you think.
Randeep Hooda excels with his fantastic expressions and with minimal dialogues. But the show stealer is Alia Bhatt. It never seems that it is her second movie. She is fantastic.
The music and the background score by AR Rahman is excellent and suits the mood of the film.
Overall, a fantastically made film. This is an Expressway than a Highway.

~ Sachin Iyer


In brief - 

5/5 star movie, found no loopholes or weak ends, Imtiaz Ali's unmatchable direction and AR Rahman's soothing music made this movie like a journey, that I wished would have never ended. Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt presented a class of acting, Alia has grown mature as an actor since SOTY and this movie will prove to be a landmark in her journey as an actress.

Detailed review -

The Movie Highway, starring Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt starts on a very generic scene, where Alia is portrayed as a rich girl, getting married in a few days, and Randeep is a contract killer. Some unfortunate events lead to kidnapping of Alia and the rest of the movie is a journey about the same.

Without revealing any suspense, the movie is shot brilliantly by Imtiaz, capturing the scenic beauty in a wonderful way. The shots from Himachal and Ladakh are mesmerizing. It was literally the first time in my life where I watched a movie by laying back on the chair and in a relaxing mood. After initial 10-15 minutes, movie catches a speed and you won't have a track of time. Randeep Hooda has acted stupendously as a Jaat and a con, his dialogue delivery is just perfect, while Alia has portrayed a rich, well mannered and behaved girl, she'll take your heart away by her sweetness in the movie.

The movie showcases, how a grief of childhood can affect a human deep down and change his behavior and his entire life. A long gone historical event, when remains fresh in your memory, it will definitely affect your present and your future and the turns you take, the course you follow, will all lead you at the exact place where you'll find yourself face to face with what you were running from in the first place. The movie is like a journey, and the entire cinematography team deserves a standing ovation!

Music is undoubtedly good when the name - AR Rahman is associated with it. The best songs are - Maahi Ve and Patakha Guddi.

This movie may not be liked by those who are expecting a hopeless romance between the two, because it's different, unconventional and abstract. The entire movie was clean, not even a single kiss scene, makes this movie different from the lot. The ending is unpredictable and 'Rockstar-style'.

If you love subjective movies, you must not miss this one 

~ Mehek

though many would say the film was quite boring.. i would beg to differ
alia bhatt, randeep hooda was good performers as cast....
cinamatography, music and location was excellent..
direction was a bit weak and though the film concept was marvelous... the film lacked any substantial moments which would make it more exiting!!!!!

the thrill of being free despite being in captivity was not clearly visible throughout the film which was necessary....
a major flaw in the film was that there was no ransom negotiation even though there was a kidnapping!!!!! (big point to be noticed).
a bit more background of charecters was also needed for better understanding
Blue Leaf amar movie ta khub ekta baje lageni... tobe pace ta ektu beshi hole manato

overall 7.5/10

~ Probhuddo

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