Thursday, June 26, 2014

Indian English

We Indians have a evolved our our own English and which turns out to be funny at times. Here are few examples:

She only told me KI she will come!

He says"I see u, so I talk to u, u want to talk me plz?..." I died

A standard reply when you ask an Indian student who has finished his Grad - Yeah, I "passed out" from College.

Sleeping is not coming only.

He: Hiee...!!! She: Helloo..!!! He: KYA DOING???

Teacher:- Explain ‘Dahi’ (curd) in English                           Me:- Milk sleeping in the night, morning mei tight"

Open the window, let the atmosphere come inside.

He: I love you. She: thenku.

Keep quite students the principal just passed away in the corridor.

Kindly give me a leave from office because my wife was born a child yesterday.

Both of you two get out of the class.

'' How many children do u have ? '' '' I have two daughters both are girls ''

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