Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lose weight fast: the vegetable way

Who don't need a good health and a body of great shape? To remain healthy  our diet should contain fruits and vegetables of all types, more importantly leafy vegetables which are rich source of vitamins and minerals like potassium, iron, calcium and vitamin K,C and E. These leafy and also non leafy vegetables are source of fibre and anti - oxidants, which helps in maintaining a good health.

Let's look at the health benefits of green vegetables:

Weight loss: Vegetables are rich in fibre and have no calories which make them the best food to be taken in a diet plan. They can be taken in the form of salads with some seasonings on them. They also supply vitamins and minerals which helps you maintain good health as well. Green and leafy vegetables play an important role in a diet plan and therefore highly recommended for in weight loss program.

Lower the risks of heart attack:  Fibre in vegetables reduces cholesterol deposition in arteries, since it has a tendency to bind with it and thus helps in removal from the body and reducing the chances of a heart stroke.So higher the intake of the green and leafy vegetables, lower are the chances of getting any cardiovascular disease.

Maintaining blood pressure: It helps in reducing systolic blood pressure thereby reducing the chances of getting high blood pressure.

Maintaining blood sugar level:  Green vegetables are  best for diabetic person, as they are low in starch level and also helps in reducing the blood glucose levels.

Digestive health: As green vegetables are rich source of fibre, it helps in our digestive system as well. Constipation and other tract disorders can be easily prevented by intake of fibre food. 

Other benefits includes - increase in immunity, good vision, glowy skin most importantly a healthier  body and healthy heart.

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