Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ban on women in Haji Ali dargah


There is a widespread condemnation on the decision taken by Haji Ali's trustees for not allowing women in dargah. In a secular country like India we are still facing such discriminations!! Let's see what tweeple have to say about this..

Randeep Hooda ‏@RandeepHooda
Haji Ali ban on women is ridiculous and goes against the rather loving and accepting teachings of Sufism. Who holds the authority to do so??

Chetan Bhagat ‏@chetan_bhagat
If you keep indulging religious fanatics in the name of secularism, stuff like Haji Ali ban on women will only rise.

barkha dutt ‏@BDUTT
All Religious orthodoxy has always been tilted against women. Unacceptable that women should be kept out of the Haji AliDargah.

digvijaya singh ‏@digvijaya_28
Not allowing Women to visit Haji Ali is a regressive step. Liberal Muslims must rise to oppose it. Can't allow Talibani thought in India.

Angry Bombay Girl ‏@shadymumbai
All Women Banned from Entering Haji Ali should Refuse to Cook at Home .Problem solved ..in 2 days Haji Ali will be Declared 

Ramesh Srivats ‏@rameshsrivats
At this rate, Haji Ali will soon start looking like IIT- Madras.

Raj ThackerYAY ‏@Raj_ThackerYAY
The 3rd World War will be caused if Haji Ali Juice Center stops allowing women to enter in.

Mihir Fadnavis ‏@mihirfadnavis
All this talk about Haji Ali makes me glad that we are Hindoos. We ban women from entering temples only once a month. High 5!

Naushina Shaikh ‏@NaushinaShaikh
After Haji Ali women can't visit Taj Mahal..after all even that is a grave..

avantika srivastava ‏@avantika_s
Can't understand why Men stop women in Haji Ali and Sabrimala? We are created by God as much as them so why be afraid of us?

Gabbar singh ‏@GabbbarSingh

Haji ali references - contnd - Bluffmaster(romance scene), Aan-men at work, Halla bol,
Bombay movie.

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