Thursday, November 8, 2012

Booking a ticket on IRCTC


Collection of some hilarious tweets on booking a ticket in IRCTC.

Faking News ‏@fakingnews
Why is IRCTC trending? Someone finally booked a tatkal ticket in one attempt?

Laughing Gas ‏@waatho
Einstein: when an object moves at the speed of light, time dilates (slows to a standstill). IRCTC proves the same for stationary objects too

Laughing Gas ‏@waatho
Newton's 4th law: A car starting from City A will reach City B in less time than it takes to book a ticket between cities A & B on IRCTC.

A muse sing ‏@LoKarloFollow
How to book a tatkal ticket on IRCTC website within 20 seconds. 

Atypical gURL ‏@drmalvika6
True friend is one who can book a ticket for you through IRCTC !!

Fake News ‏@Ohfakenews
BREAKING: IRCTC booked a tatkal ticket from Rajnikant. And it starts trending.

Aladdin!!! ‏@Alllahdin
IRCTC hs joined the competition with Akash Tablet,Digvijay Singh,MMS,KRK, Poonam Pandey,n Rohit Sharma,to becme the National Joke of India

Hardik ‏@Hardism
IRCTC = I Refuse Connectivity To Customer. 

Gabbar singh ‏@GabbbarSingh
IRCTC should redirect to the flight booking page when someone clicks the tatkal option, keeping it real.

May Gah ‏@AmmoLoaded
I'm trying to crack a joke on IRCTC but my mind says "Can't login, try again later"

Keh Ke Peheno ‏@coolfunnytshirt
A lot of people think IRCTC's tagline is 'This webpage is not available'.

Mujib ‏@mujib
IRCTC. India's favorite massively multiplayer online adventure game. No amount of badges elsewhere can match the feeling of accomplishment.

LOLan ROFLani ‏@Nine__11
IRCTC represents the modern India. It is strongly against reservation.

Madhuchhanda Bose ‏@madhuchhanda11
Sachin Tendulkar scores a century against Railways ...Railways has now challenged him to book a ticket thru IRCTC

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