Monday, October 8, 2012

When will my blog show up in google searches?

"I have been posting stuff on my blog but my blog is not showing up on the Google searches? - WHY?"

Now that's something frustrating and demotivating when you are a newbie to the blogging world. You are enthusiastic about creating your own personal blog and then you start posting some thing, in a lieu that people will read what I have posted. But sadly you discover you are the only one coming up to your blog and some other people/friends to whom you sent the blog link or posted on Facebook may b.

Don't get upset and stop posting, you blog is obviously very new, and the Google crawling/Indexing won't happen overnight..BE PATIENT!

Having you blog coming up in Google searches won't happen automatically and immediately. You need to keep up your hard work and keep posting unique and original content. Your content should be useful to readers. Search engines may take month to index your blog, but still don't expect to come up on rank 1 or the first page on the Google searches. There are lot many people like you and your success comes at their chances of loosing and vice-versa.

You just write a blog, make it unique, interesting and useful for the users. People like hassle free blogs, take care of the grammar you are using, after all you are communicating with your audience. There are millions of blogs on Google, ask yourself - 'What's unique in my blog, that will make it through Google searches when other blogs won't?". Keep in mind - Behind every success there is lot of hard work involved and in this case patience as well.

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