Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to get a flat stomach?

Flat stomach enhances your personality and add to your looks. But what's the best way to achieve this, in 6- 7 weeks time? 

Well, you need to get started. First thing first, you need to start getting up early in the morning, may be around 5.30am. Getting up early in the morning triggers your metabolism, as our body need more energy. After waking up early in the morning start doing the workouts. This will be the first step towards achieving that killer flat stomach. 

Do a proper stretching and warm up your body, do this for first 10 - 15 minutes. Have a small cup of coffee, because doing exercise empty stomach will burn your muscles. After this, do around 20 - 25  sit ups, take a rest of 1 minute and repeat this set of sit ups around 6 times. You must be sweating by now and your extra has started burning. 

Go for a cardio now, 30 minutes, if at first you can't do it for 30 mins at a stretch, do it for 10 mins take a couple of minutes break and then again go for the next 10 mins.

After Cardio, do a set of 10 crunches 3 times, gradually increase them to a set of 15 to 20 crunches.

Cut down the calories you take in, cut down all your meal portions to half. Don't stop eating, but just cut them to half. Avoid oily things, bread products, candies, chips, butter, burgers. Try eating more of fruits and freshly cut vegetables. Drink lot of water.

Yes, its difficult at first to follow this, but you need some results. No Pain No Gain.

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