Monday, October 29, 2012

On Cabinet reshuffle

On the cabinet reshuffle in Indian politics, we have some interesting tweets coming up from Mango man of Banana republic. Let's read some top tweets.

Shekhar Kapur ‏@shekharkapur
Whats  CabinetReshuffle about? How does it affect lives of ordinary Indians? Y is it making headlines? Whats changed except media attention?

Forever Sleepy ‏@DaaruDesi
My iPod shuffle would have chosen a better mix of ministers than our dumb PM and selfish SoniaG  CabinetReshuffle

SanghParivar.Org ‏@SanghParivarOrg
Thx 2 Rahul Gandhi's HUGE efforts in making cabinet look younger. After  CabinetReshuffle its avg age has reduced frm 65 to 64!

Soul in Exile ‏@SoulInExile
Heard Kejriwal is flooded with docs from Cong-men -begging  IAC to expose them -so that 10JP notices & promotes them too!

Joy ‏@Joydas
Its a Shame that Millions of Indian Tweeple hasn't been included in the  CabinetReshuffle. ONLY they know EXACTLY how to run the Country

During the  CabinetReshuffle they Should've appointed Deepika Padukone as Mistress of State or something ..She's been working so Hard for it

Who knows the future? Everyone's dream of being a minister should be fulfilled by 2014 : Sonia ji.  

Kapil ‏@kapilry
Nothing will change thru  CabinetReshuffle , you bring New Chimps in place of Old Monkeys, with same Silent Big Baboon sitting ovr the top.

Tajinder Pal S Bagga ‏@tajinderbagga
If Khurshid wl become Foreign Minister,will he say to other Nations,India me aa to jaogey par wapas kaisey jaoge

Hardik ‏@Hardism
They should play Musical Chairs inside the Parliament to decide on the  CabinetReshuffle

Sahana ‏@spicy_words
How will re-shuffling help change the game when the pack has only jokers?

Meethi Chhuri ‏@riya043
Define C.O.N.G.R.E.S.S (y) Commitee Of Non-identified Gundaas Regularly Engaged in Systematic Scams.

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