Monday, October 1, 2012

How to Lose Weight Fast?

Need to loose weight and that too fast! Isn't it?

If you search on internet there will be thousands of diet plans which you can follow, some plans even promising you lose 10 -12 kgs in just few days! But the question is do they work?

Taking pills, going in strict diet plans, living only on fruits and soups are the ways which I personally don't prefer, even if you find them working at first.

Don't stress and stretch yourself for loosing weight, let it be fun. Eat healthy, drink lot of water, AVOID excessive eating, strictly say no to fatty foods and WORKOUTS.

Have you ever seen a fat football player or fat swimmer or badminton player in Olympics. The answer to this will be NO. You know the reason. These are the people who don't go on diet plans yet they are fit and strong.

Instead of taking some excessive measures of not eating food, to reduce weight drastically and fast, I would recommend to have to your diet and go out and play. If you really want to reduce weight excessively, play outdoor excessively, make it a habit to play daily some outdoor games like badminton, soccer, cycling or any other game which requires you to sweat.

Instead of sitting on the internet and hoping that some diet plan will do miracle and will reduce your weight, don't fool yourself. Eat normally, avoid fatty foods and have fun, even if you don't know how to play or you not good at the game, doesn't matter. Our aim is not to be in Olympics but to reduce weight and remain fit.

This is not a fast way but a sure way of reducing weight. Remember nothing happens overnight, not even the sun rises suddenly.

Write to me if you need a daily motivation to reduce weight.-

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