Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sir Ravindra Jadeja Facts

Ravindra Jadeja wears his shades on head to send the message to the aliens that he's constantly monitoring their movement. #JadejaFacts

When Mark Zukerberg created Facebook he already had a friend request waiting from Ravindra Jadeja #JadejaFacts

Neil Armstrong was hesitant about stepping on moon, Ravindra Jadeja pushed him from behind. #JadejaFacts

Necessity is the mother of Invention . Jadeja is Father . #JadejaFacts

Ravindra Jadeja decides which side the ball will spin after releasing it #JadejaFacts

#SirJadeja adjusts the sight screen at the opposite end even while he's bowling. To improve his concentration. #JadejaFacts

The Fastest Ball in Cricket is 101 miles per Hour only because Sir Jadeja balls with Left Hand :P

Once Sir Ravindra used second hand Maruti for F1 race and still won it. #JadejaFacts

Sir Ravindra Jadeja can make international calls with zero balance #JadejaFacts

Sir Ravindra Jadeja was found playing with Balls as soon as he was born #JadejaFacts

Sir Ravindra can hit his own wrong one for a six, then catch it, then appeal, then give out and then walk out. #JadejaFacts

The Earth is nothing but the spin ball of Lord Jadeja. #JadejaFacts

Sir Jadeja rejected Tamanna's friend request on fb #JadejaFacts

Ravindra Jadeja can wear his shoes first and socks later. #JadejaFacts

Sir Ravindara Jadeja can book tickets on IRCTC #JadejaFacts

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