Sunday, March 31, 2013

What TV Ads teaches you?

Commercials these days are facing cut throat competition and to win the race, commercials sometimes end up showing non-sense. Here what people think what ads teach them.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou If you use Axe, you get women. (Which of course is pure nonsense. Parasurama used it all his life and was a bachelor.)

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou HP Printers will get your kids better grades.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou People who lick Dairymilk like *that* in public are not treated like well-dressed beggars.

Cleavage is the only thing that you can look down on and approve of at the same time.... ^_^ #WhatTVAdsTeachYou

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou That there is an invincible germ which can't be killed by any handwash.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou happydent is used for lightining

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Hema, Rekha, Jaya and Sushma don't mind getting dirty if you're in need.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Samsung has more galaxies than the Universe

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou How to clean your toilet seat with Harpic, specially when you are enjoying your food.

Kareena has dandruff problem, Katrina has dry hair problem, Shilpa has hairfall problem and Priyanka has chip-chip. #WhatTVAdsTeachYou

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Priyanka Chopra has more dark-spots than a Dalmatian Dog

When u having mango juice, u can use your imagination & go where you want to go! And the last "drop" is the main one! #WhatTVAdsTeachYou

#whattvadsteachyou you must never buy a toothpaste whose cover says Sadharan Toothpaste in black and white

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Katrina has showed us that an 'aam' can get laid more easily than an 'aam aadmi'.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou All doctors roam around wearing lab coats.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Whisper Wings are getting wider & wider until one day they decide to take off from Indira Gandhi Intl airport.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Even If you buy a Nokia Lumia with a 1billion Mega pixel Camera ... u will still look as silly as the Guys in its Ads

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Saif Ali Khan hangs out with Appy Fiz more often than Kareena Kapoor.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Condoms have more flavours than Candies.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou Akshay Kumar is universal brand ambassador of woman safety. He will alert them about their 'button khula hai'.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou, You will not be asked about your ID proof while Voting if you wear Rupa frontline.

#WhatTVAdsTeachYou you can get orgasm by just seeing Condom Pack

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