Wednesday, March 6, 2013

If there were no woman

Carmine, French Rose, Magenta, Fuchisa, Rose, Ruby, salmon, baby and all other shades of pink would have been just pink#IfThereWereNoWomen

#IfThereWereNoWomen in the world it would be a huge pain in the a** .

Men would grow on trees. #IfThereWereNoWomen

#IfThereWereNoWomen there would be no rapes 

#IfThereWereNoWomen men would have to manage everything 'singlehandedly'

#IfThereWereNoWomen diamond would be just another stone.

Karan Johar will be the president of the country and Gayism will be the only religion! #IfThereWereNoWomen

#IfThereWereNoWomen, we'd never know whether Ram Kapoor was pregnant or just fat.

#IfThereWereNoWomen, one of the two hands of every male would have been much thicker and 'exercised', even at the age of 60!

#IfThereWereNoWomen Goats would go crazy for the dudes in Axe adverts

#IfThereWereNoWomen All colleges would have looked and felt like Engineering colleges

#IfThereWereNoWomen Happy and Gay will find it's true meaning.

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