Thursday, August 9, 2012

On Janmashtami

On Lord Krishna's birthday or Janmashtmi, let's see what celebrities have to wish..

PM: Janamashtami is a celebration of Lord Krishna’s timeless message of renunciation of the fruits of action.

Love is a consistent passion to give..not a meek persistent hope to receive~lord Krishna .Wish we cud all be like that!happy janmashthmi all

Imagine if Lord Krishna was on twitter how many would have followed him? Wishing all my dear friends a pious and joyful Janamashtmi

Happy Shri Krishna Janmastami, the Lord of realisation, an emotion that liberates the mind body and soul.

Jai Shri Krishna! Happy Janmashtami. Sharing my thoughts on LordKrishna & Gujarat, Cow Protection & Pink Revolution

Happy Janmashtami to u all & ur families! May Lord Krishna shower immense love, happiness and success upon u all! :)
Happy Janmashtami!! Go go go Govinda!! May Lord Krishna bless you with sukh shanti samriddhi:)

Naughty, butter stealing child, Flirtatious charmer with his Gopis, Astute philosopher on the battlefield, Lord Krishna, Happy Birthday:)

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