Thursday, August 9, 2012

On Usain Bolt winning gold in Olympics 2012

Usain Bolt the Jamaican Athlete winning the Gold medal in 200m race and also making a world record..

Let's see what celebrities and sports personalities have to say about this.

Lightning strikes once, Bolt strikes twice. an Olympic legend. have a good day.

Usain Bolt! You make it look so easy!

Carl Lewis in hospital suffering from serious injuries after being hit by a lightening Bolt,attack by the beast and bitten by the weir wolf!

Hail Jamaica Mon..Bolt, Blake, Weir and of course Gayle !!

Usain Bolt..defends 200m title..what a race..what a man..truely inspirational stuff!!

Totally worth setting an alarm and waking up for that! :) Bolt!! Awesome!

jamaican clean sweep. bolt. blake. weir. 

Go Jamaica. 1 2 3. Amazing. Congrats Bolt, Blake, Weir. Wow

Bolt 19.32 secs, Blake 19.44, Weir 19.84. Jamaican clean sweep.Bolt equals Michael Johnson's winning time in Atlanta

Usain Bolt has just won the 200m. Legend.

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