Thursday, August 9, 2012

On Ramdev's indefinite fast

Baba Ramdev is again on the fast and at the same place (Ramleela ground), where last year there was a havoc at midnight.

Let's see what some big people have to say about this.

Baba Ramdev may include a new demand today...Bring all Olympic Gold Medals to India even those we lost in previous Olympics.

Ramdev's agenda closely mirrors that of BJP/Sangh. Unlike Anna he doesn't deny that RSS backs him. Mobilisation driven by Sangh cadre.

Baba Ramdev is on an indefinite fast or till 30th August whichever is earlier- (permission given till 30th Aug)

Ramdev begins agitation to bring back black money. Can he first ensure a good monsoon please? Have a good day!

Although Ramdev is a Thug but I hope he takes a cue from Anna and joins the Political Process. He can form another Party or join Anna's.

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