Monday, February 25, 2013

If Mahabharat Happened Now

#IfMahabharatHappenedNow Kauravas would have starved to death with only 9 subsidized LPG connections for 102 of them.

#IfMahabharatHappenedNow Khurshid would say "Aa toh jaoge Kurukshetra meh par vapis kaise jaoge" to Pandavas.

#IfMahabharatHappenedNow Draupadi would have been sobbing in a Satyameva Jayate episode.

#IfMahabharatHappenedNow Krishna would have told Arjun "Meter se 20 rs extra lagega"

#IfMahabharatHappenedNow Duryodhan would make the Pandavas delete their FB, Twitter, LinkedIn Accounts & force them to use Orkut for 14 yrs

#IfMahabharatHappenedNow After 13 years of Vanwaass Pandavas would have turned into Maoists.

#IfMahabharatHappenedNow CCTV at Kurukshetra would have been found to be non-functional.

#IfMahabharatHappenedNow US would be begging India to share the Drone technology with them.

#IfMahabharatHappenedNow Salman Khan would have been riding chariots drunk and running over people...

#IfMahabharatHappenedNow Kejriwal would be saying both Pandavas and kauravas are both corrupt.

#IfMahabharatHappenedNow Abhimanyu would have been trapped in traffic on the western exp highway in Mumbai... Instead of Chakravyuh..

Chakravyuh would be your only chance at Rajiv Chowk Metro#IfMahabharatHappenedNow

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