Monday, January 28, 2013

Arvind Kejriwal founds irregularity in purchase of marble for Taj Mahal

"Shah Jahan had no right to spend crores from the public coffers to immortalize the memory of his beloved," said the senior Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan.

After hearing this statement Shah Jahan came out of his grave in those mummy looks and said furiously - "Why is Azam Khan worried about the money I used, if they would have the money I hadn't used, they would have built those statuses and parks in U.P?!!", he added, "Only I know from where I got the funds, after my home loan was rejected...Thanks to Robert Vadra, or from where else do you think I would have got the white marble at dirt cheap prices. "

"People are questioning me, about the money I spent for my beloved. No one questions Sid Mallya for spending money on Deepika, who was not even her wife!", he said, "I would have created Taj in Gujarat instead of U.P, atleast Modi ji would have created a SEZ for me and Amitabh Bachchan would have promoted it much better"

"What I am afraid of right now is - Arvind Kejrival, I am expecting he might expose the expenses of Taj! Intially the name which Robert suggested was Taj MALL, but we did foresee the the corruptions and scams that could have exposed and to be on a safer side we kept if Taj Mahal!" he said in deep voice.

Taking a sip of Taj Mahal tea, he said, all thanks to Zakir Hussian, in branding Taj " Waah! Taj boliye"

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