Monday, January 7, 2013

How to keep yourself motivated for your fitness resolutions?

New year and everyone is taking yet another resolutions for a better fitness level and few days after you realize that everything is going same as before. It is difficult to stay focused on keeping to your resolutions.

Here are few points that will help you out to stay focused.

1) Clearly state your goals.

Your goals or resolutions shouldn't be vague or the ones which cant be measured like - a better body, a fit body.
Be specific like - lose xyz kgs of weight, get a 6 pack abs or improve cardio-vascular fitness.

2) Be Realistic in setting goals.

Don't create goals which cant be achieved like losing 30 kgs in a month! That will demotivate you when you won't see clear results coming out.

3) Assign short term goals and measure them

So you are targeting to lose 8 kgs in a month and make a short term goal to lose 2 kgs first week and 5 kgs the second week. This will help you to keep yourself motivated.

4) Reward yourself.

As you achieve short term goals, reward yourself for achieving that.

5) Ask others to measure your goals.

Share your goals with some one and ask them to measure your achievement on timely basis. This will keep a pressure on you to perform.

6) Keep yourself reminding.

Don't lose focus on your goals, keep yourself reminding of your goals. Keep a book and write down your goals and how much you have managed to achieve each day. Be honest.

Above all eat healthy and avoid junk food.

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