Tuesday, January 1, 2013

10 ways to lose weight fast: The fun way

Want to lose weight fast. Wouldn't this be even more wonderful if this could be done only while watching TV!!! Here are few tips that will help you reduce the fun way.

1) Jump rope for 3 minutes while you are watching your movie and repeat this for 4 times. This is burn around 111 calories.

2) Are you really interested in watching commercials during the breaks while you are watching TV? Instead let's utilize this time in a much better way. Run up and down the stairs of your building once or twice, depending upon the number of stairs you have. This will help you burn around 50 calories.

3) Tired? Place a cloth on the floor and lie down on your side and then do the leg lifts for 5 minutes. Repeat this for two times. This will help you reduce around 90 calories.

4) Sit down at the same place and do arm circles for one minute and the repeat this for 2 times. This will help you burn 30 calories.

5) Lie down again at the same place and make your self a plank. Hold yourself in the same position for 2 -3 minutes This will help you burn 35 calories.

6) You definitely pee atleast once if you are watching TV for a long time. Instead of going the normal way, sprint to your toilet seat and pee and then sprint back. This will help you burn 25 calories.

7) Stand on your toes with your hand up in the air and then relax. Repeat this for 10 times. This will help you burn 50 calories.

8) Take a deep breath hold it for a minute and repeat this for 5 times.

9) Have a exercise ball? If no, the get a one, sit on the exercise ball and do ab curls for 1 minute. Repeat this for 4 times. This will help you reduce 50 calories.

10) Simply sit the rest of the movie on the ball and have fun. This will reduce around 30 calories.

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