Monday, January 28, 2013

Kachra from Lagaan is the best Indian tail ender

India's first ever leg spinner Kachra from Lagaan, who proved his skills in the bowling arena is nominated as the 'Best Indian tail ender'. Aamir who proved his stupidity choosing Gauri over Elizabeth, took all the credit by hitting 6 at the last ball, but SRK fans think that the real Man of the Match was 'Kachra' and he was the one who kept hold of his nerves and is like MSD who plays well under pressure.

Hat Trick in his debut match and taking those crucial runs in death overs clearly shows his all round performance. Cricketing experts says that, if Harbhajan wants to make a come back, then he needs to take some bowling tips from Kachra, his 'phirki' is much better than Harbhajan's 'doosra'. Lagaan team was just like our Indian team, you can not rely on the lower order batsman with an exception of Kachra, who could be compared to Sir Ravindra Jadeja. Though comparing some one with Sir Jadeja is a great disrespect for the person who is being compared, but seeing past few performances you can find some similarities between them.

When Asked to Dhoni about the Lagaan match. he says - "While I was playing the World cup final, on the winning ball of the match I reminded myself - agle 4 saal tak lagaan dena padega and then hit the six, taking Bhuvan's name. I wish we had a all rounder like Kachra, though I found some one very close to him in looks- Sir Ravindra Jadeja but we don't have a great tailender like Kachra".

Dhoni's confidence in Kachra Sir Ravindra Jadeja is same as Bhuvan's confidence is Kachra - "Magar jis kalai ko tune lula kaha hai wohi hamri sabse badi taakat banegi dekh lena. Ee bejaan sa panja hi humein jeet dilayega... Aap log mera sath de ya na de magar Kachra khelega!"

When asked to Harbhajan about Kachra's performance, he said - "Have you looked at his action, just like Muttiah Muralitharan, his arm bends more than 15 degrees. And England is weak against spin bowling and everyone knows it,  if he is really so good in bowling, can he bold that monkey Andrew Symonds?"

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