Monday, January 7, 2013

How to get perfect abs fast and easy way

The usual way to get abs is to get a recliner and you lean against it and your upper body is free. Then you can grab a weight, start with a lighter ones and then move your upper body up and down. So, your face is facing down and then I try to train the abs my moving up and down. Is that an effective method? 

What if you don't have to do and 'ab' training at all !!

Here are two important things:

1. So while you are doing other training like push ups, squats, some triceps work you abs are automatically getting work out.

2. Having ripped abs is about having very little body fat. Commercials on TV do so much damage getting people to think that working on some lame piece of crap will give them sculpted abs when the models they use go in for the commercial having never used it before. Low fat diet and working on building all of your muscles will do the trick. If you are already skinny then still keep the diet low in fat but do less reps and more weight.

So what can be the best way?

So if you have money then join a gym or alternatively you can buy some weights and a bench. Start doing the exercise regularly at home or gym, whatever you prefer. Do normal exercises with the weights and do not specifically do all of your exercises for abs.

you can do crunches and side crunches.  To do a side crunch (for example, right-side crunches) you lay on your right site but keep both your legs parallel to the floor and touching the floor. Then you lift yourself up like you would in a normal crunch but you are targeting one side at a time. 

Another exercise that works well is the super-man. You lay on your stomach and lift your legs and arms off the floor and hold it. If you feel like this is only working your back, try to lift your legs further off the floor. 
Next, 6-inches. Lie on your back and life your legs up, keeping them straight with your toe pointing up, and lift them six inches off the ground while keeping your back straight. Hold it for 30 seconds, break for 30 seconds, etc.

Another one is called 'the plank'. You put yourself in a push-up position except instead of holding yourself up with your hands, your hold yourself up with the lower part of your the area from your elbow to your hands should be touching the ground. Then you hold that position for however long you want. 

If you have ample of money to spend, get a personal trainer for you in gym but my advice to you is not to use lot of weights for ab workout as this might damage your body. You can easily get a hernia, or strain your back putting you out of service, or at the doctor's office. 

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