Tuesday, January 15, 2013

From Jaddu to Sir Ravindra Jadeja

Reports are coming that Sir Ravindra Jadeja won't be fielding today. Yes, you heard it right, not because he is injured after playing an inning after a long time but because he is in trauma after seeing his own innings. Dhoni has asked Rohit Sharma to get some water and Dinda to press his legs. Even Lord Rohit Sharma will not be playing in next few matches, he is in a deep guilt after seeing today's miraculous innings of Sir Ravindra Jadeja. 61 on just 37 balls! Yes, you are thinking it right, Sir Ravindra Jadeja has scored a fifty, I repeat Sir Ravindra Jadeja has scored a fifty!

When asked to one of the fans(not to mention, Sachin fan) in the stadium, how do you feel about today's innings of Jaddu, he answered - " First of all please don't call Sir Ravindra Jadeja as Jaddu, he holds a respectable position in my heart.  I tried playing on my PS3 with Ravindra Jadeja, and even there he hasn't scored so much. This is one of the very rare innings, may be this won't even repeated in next 61 matches and I feel blessed to see this. I can flaunt this to my grand children."

When asked to Sir Ravindra Jadeja about his innings, he said - " The more you hate me, the better I play. And above all I wanted to give answer to Virat Kohli, Tammana meri hai aur sirf meri hai".

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