Monday, July 23, 2012

13 ways to grow hair faster.

Here are some tips:

1) Always us a  brush with boar bristles.

2) Do not put hair in pony tail when it is still wet. Dry the hair first.

3) Avoid chemical treatments.

4) Avoid regular use of hair dryers, it weakens your hair.

5) Make sure you dry your hair roots with  a good hair dryer or some towel (recommended).

6) Your diet also effects the hair, so eat healthy food like eggs, milk, fruits.

7) Remember to trim the ends on regular basis.

8) Massage the scalp or your help, it helps in blood circulation and keeps the hair long and strong.

9) Keep your hair clean but don not wash it daily.

10) To make the hair silky use conditioner once a week, excessive use can damage your hair quality.

11) Apply oil at least thrice a week before sleeping with a little massage.

12) You can use eggs combined with mehandi  once a week. It works like a conditioner.

13) Use good quality bands and combs. Comb slowly, make sure you are not damaging your hair with combing.

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