Wednesday, July 18, 2012

10 Indian foods that cut fat: Reduce weight naturally

Want to loose weight naturally? Wouldn't that be great if that is moreover done by eating Indian food? Here is the list of 10 food items that will help you cut those extra fats.

1) Turmeric: One of the active component of turmeric is Curumin, which helps in bad cholesterol and high blood pressure thereby preventing the chances of heart attack.

2) Cardamom: This is the herb which help in cutting fat and increasing metabolism. It helps in digestion and is also considered as one of the best digestive aids.

3) Garlic: Though bad in odour after eating, it contains sulphur compound which is serves as an anti-bacterial and also helps reduce cholesterol and burn fats.

4) Chillies: One of the main ingredients of Indian food which makes it spicy has some nutritional side as well. It helps increasing metabolism due to the presence of Capsaicin in it.

5) Cabbage: Cabbage if taken in raw or cooked form will help in reducing fat, as it hinders the conversion of sugar to fat in the body.

6) Honey: The sweet natural way to reduce fat. Taking a table spoon of honey with warm water in morning will help in burning fat.

7) Buttermilk: Buttermilk or what it is better known as Chaahs, is the residual somewhat sour water, after the butter is churned out of milk. It is low in fat and high in calories. Reugular intake of it will give the body all essential nutrients but will not add fat to your body.

8) Moong: Moong daal or the bean sprouts are protein and fibre rich food, which helps to lower the blood cholesterol level. It is also rich in many minerals and Vitamins A,B,C and E.

9) Mustard Oil: Unlike other cooking oils, this oil is low in saturated fat. It also helps in reducing cholesterol and is good for heart.

10) Millets: Millets like jowar, bajra and ragi also helps in reducing fat by absorbing cholesterol. 

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