Monday, July 2, 2012

I-Phone 5 - The GenNext Gadget

Waiting For I -Phone 5?

After Unveiling the I-Phone4S in 2011 when world was expecting I - Phone5, Apple always manage to surprise people with their launches and exceed their expectations with the eye rolling features features. Always bulls eye for customer delight!

Speculations are now for I- Phone5, the next iteration after I - Phone 4S, a much awaited gadget for this year. Expecting a  new design and a slightly larger screen then I - Phone 4, it is also expected to support LTE networks. Though nothing has been released officially by Apple (as expected), but there are rumors all around regarding the new features, prices and OS. Rumors usually plays an important role in Apple's marketing strategy, clinging people till the last second of the release and letting them speculate about the next I-Phone.

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