Friday, July 27, 2012

Angel's bite or Snake bite?

Thinking of getting yourself pierced, but still confused about going for angel's bite or snake bite?

So what is Angel's bite and Snake's bite?

Monroe piercings or what it is known as Angel's bite is piercing above the lips and Snake's bite is a set of piercing below the lips.

Definitely piercing above and below the lips looks gorgeous and adds to your beauty, but at the same time it need to taken care of properly and cleaned on regular basis.

Where should you go piercing actually depends upon your face structure and obviously at you your will, where you want have it pierced. 

Generally if you have thicker lips go for piercing below the lips that is Snake's bite.
Alternatively, if have thin lips go for piercing above the lips that is Angel's bite.

You have more options like Rings & Spikes when you are going for Snake's bite, where as with Angel's bite you can look more unusual. So it's all up to you how you want to carry yourself.

What are you going for?

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