Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Jism2: Movie or Business ?

Jism2 the movie which is lately in the news now and also topping the charts for the most searched these days on Google. The question is why? Is it really for the movie trailers and music or Sunny Leone?

Jism2 which is sequel movie of Jism is the upcoming erotic bollywood movie casting the famous porn star Sunny Leone. The story moves around the porn star in movie (Sunny Leone) who is working for the intelligence office Arunoday Singh to trap assassin Randeep Hooda.

The movie is already creating lot of buzz, the trailers, the pictures and songs released are already quite high in sensuality, thereby creating an urge. The promos are hot and sensual, which are making people search more about it - a nice business idea or marketing strategy. Bhatt champ is famous for its music and this time as well it seems that they have met peoples' expectations. The album has 7 tracks:

1. Abhi Abhi-1 (K K)
2. Hey Walla (Unoosha)
3. Abhi Abhi-2 (K K, Shreya Ghoshal)
4. Darta Hoon(Adhoora)(Rushk)
5. Yeh Jism (Ali Azmat)
6. Maula (Ali Azmat)
7. Yeh Kasoor (Sonu Kakkar)

Some of the songs of the movie have already been rated as 'A' by the Censor board. Will the movie get an edge due the presence of porn star in the movie showing some bold scenes or it will prove out to be heart touching and appealing to masses. Whatever it is we will come to know more about the movie once it is released on 3rd August.

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