Saturday, July 28, 2012

Home made remeides to cure chapped lips

Chapped Lips? Your lips are soft and needs to be taken proper care and also at the same time must look beautiful and not chapped.

Here are some tips to cure chapped lips:

Lips become dry, when they are chapped and a common mistake of everyone is, licking the lips to moist them. You might feel good for some time but it will make the matter worse.

One of the home made remedies is to use a mixture of brown sugar and Olive oil, and then apply this mixture on your lips and then rinse.

If  you live in India or you know about desi ghee (Oil made from milk), the apply desi ghee on your naval and also on your lips.

If you can, then buy one of the Vaseline or petroleum jellies from the market and apply on your lips. If help in keeping the moisture intact.

For girls,  apply lipstick, this will act as a moisturizer and will also protect lips from ultra violet rays.

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