Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Difference between Brown egg and White egg?

Ever wondered what is the difference between brown egg and white egg.

You must have used eggs for different purposes  and must have also seen the different colors of egg- the white egg which is most commonly used egg and the brown colored egg.

What determines the color of the egg is the breed of the chicken. And what is fed to the chicken determines the nutritional value of the egg.

White eggs are layed by white feather chicken and they also have white ear lobes, while brown eggs are layed by red color chickens and they have red ear lobes.

So literally speaking there is no difference between the two eggs, may be in some cases the brown egg is a bit larger than the white egg.

Brown eggs are expensive as compared to the white eggs, just because the feeding cost to the red hen is more as it is bigger in size as compared to the white hen.

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