Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What is Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous

Do you have a drinking problem? Or do you have someone in family who have a drinking problem and he/she wants to quit drinking? Here is the movement you can join...

Alcoholics Anonymous is a mutual aid movement started by  Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith in the year 1935. The main purpose of this movement is to be sober and help other alcoholics achieve soberity. It's like a international fellowship of men and women who have drinking problems. People help each other and solve the common problems and help them get out from the drinking problem. There is no pre requisite requirement to join the membership and even there is no fees for the same. AA is not connected to any political party nor do they oppose or endorse any causes.

We really need many such more organizations or movements - not only for eradicating alcoholism but also for corruption, communal tension, saving natural resources and many more.

For details about AA:

Official Website: http://www.aa.org/

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