Friday, July 13, 2012

Pluto's new moon P5 found

Before they could name the 4th moon found, they discovered another one. Till they don't name the moon, it is called as P5. Measuring 6 -15 miles, it is one of the tiny moons which orbits quite near to the Pluto, around    
29,000 miles away, which could be treated as the Pluto's own satellite.

The largest moon was discovered in 1978 - Charon and the other two were discovered in 2006 while a fourth one in 2011 and here comes the fifth one in 2012. Some believe that Pluto's moons are the result of collision between large bodies. 

Pluto's system might have even more moons as it seems to be more crowded to scientists as they though that to be. Earlier names of the moons were kept on the Roman mythology, as Pluto was the god of the underworld.

What could be the new name for P5? 

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