Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review of movie Maximum

It is Mumbai in 2003 and the police have their "grip" on the city 
thanks to number of ruthless encounter killings. Pratap Pandit (Sonu Sood) 
leads his team of policemen, informers and small time thugs in cleaning up the 
crime syndicate in Mumbai and filling his pocket in the process as well.

Another cop trying to beat Pratap in his own game is the senior police officer 
Arun Inamdar (Naseeruddin Shah). While Pratap has the support of minister Tiwari 
(Vinay Pathak), Inamdar has another minister (Mohan Agashe) by his side.

How these two cops use encounters and the politicians for their benefit is 
shown in the rest of the movie.

The movie is has good acting by Sonu Sood, Naseeruddin Shah and Vinay Pathak.
Neha Dhupia does a convincing role as a house wife. However the story is just
like old wine in a new bottle. A few one liners break the monotony like
Vinay Pathak's remark for Mumbai "Yeh sahar sabko jagah deta hai par apnata nahi
hai". The ending leaves much to be desired and everyone hoped Sonu would have
chosen a better film for his debut as lead hero as he does look every inch a 
tough cop.

Overall the movie is not a good watch.

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